steamy lesbian romance series by Alex B Porter

Feb 01, 2016, 12:44 PM

Free lesbian romance audiobooks sample of Branding Her by Alex B Porter - lesbian series of romantica fiction. View the series on Amazon here: one and two of the lesbian series is available on Amazon Kindle - free with Kindle Unlimited, paperback and audiobook. This is a sample of the audiobook currently available on Audible. The genre is steamy lesbian romance or lesbian erotica. It is not fully erotic, but does contain steamy lesbian sex scenes which may push it into the erotic romance category.BRANDING HER - SERIES OUTLINE:Timid single mom Kaylee moves to Boston with her son where she meets Alexis and they begin dating. Romance lust and love follow as the couple quickly enter a sexual romantic relationship over a series of lesbian fiction short stories and episodes, spanning 13 episodes in the first series. BOOK 1:This is a sample from the first book in the series, containing episode 1 “Beginnings” and episode 2 “Holidays” during which Kaylee moves to Boston in September, meets Alexis and begins their relationship, finishing with family visits over Thanksgiving and Christmas. For more books, free stories and more visit If you enjoy this sample, the full story is available in audio book format on Audible or Kindle and paperback via Amazon.