#054 - STRATEGY SHIFT: How to go from loser to winner in 30 seconds

Feb 08, 2016, 02:57 AM

What separates losers from winners is many times just a subtle shift in strategy. Go from blindspot to sweet spot in 30 seconds by eliminating a simple, but fatal flaw.

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arleenwright - over 1 year ago

thank you for reminding me what my parents worked so hard for me not only to understand it, but to be productive... been sick for so long now, i can totally relate to this audio. realizing that i must make a change and commit to what i am doing no matter how sick i might feel. Learning to picked up where i left off is a must for me at this point...!


karyoberbrunner - over 1 year ago

Good for you Bloodgrue. You are an action taker.


Bloodgrue - over 1 year ago

I've actually started and formatted the layout of my e-zine, competing it today after listening to you. Clearing my core.


Bloodgrue - over 1 year ago

Thank you Kary, this is great, time to clear my core.