BlindAbilitiesPresents, A Musical Exploration Of Blind People And Inadvertent Touching #BATeenCast

Feb 08, 2016, 09:19 PM

Pete Lane and Blind Abilities present this epic exploration of the topic of blind people and inadvertent touching. This 37 minute production combines direct audio from members of the blindness community, along with select "Touching" songs to provide a humorous, yet enlightening peak at this awkward and common issue. Special thanks to the following Artists: M.C. Hammer, Cascada, The Who, The Doors, Dan Hill, Diana Ross, Brenda Lee, Benny King, Hall & Oats, and Simon & Garfunkel. Also, thanks to our contributors: Moelucie, Jeff Thompson, HorseLover98 (Daniella), Lisa Salinger, Sabrina McKiernan, B.J. Edwards, TSquires711 (TJ), Dave Dominic, Joe DiNero and Pete Lane. Set aside some quality time, put on your best headphones, and listen to this interesting and enjoyable production. #BlindAbilitiesPresents #Touching #Lane7625