Ghosts of New York

Feb 10, 2016, 12:39 PM

Tales of specters, forgotten phantoms and things you may or may not have seen worming their way into the core of The Big Apple. Yes, this month we'll be aiming our otherworldly radio dramatic ear into our own backyard: New York City...

Recorded live at The Slipper Room on January 31st, 2016

To add to the air of ghostly authenticity we'll be welcoming a special guest: acclaimed author and founder of the Boroughs of the Dead ghost walking tours (www., Andrea Janes!

Cast: Ali Silva (@alisilvapresent) Courtenay Cholovich (@thegoodfalconer) Lauren Elder (@LalabirdLauren) Eirik Davey-Gislason Alain LaForest Kacie LaForest Pete MacNamara Michael Pate (@michaeldpate) Annabelle Rollison James Rieser

Musical Interludes: Martina DaSilva (@ladybugsjazzband)

Live Atmospheric Music: Steve Blanco (@pianowarrior)

Production Sound Designer: Greg Russ

FMT Intro Theme by Jason Graves (@jgmusic)

Writers: Silbin Sandovar (@sandovar) Rebecca Graves (@therebeccagraves)

Production Team: Ali Silva (@alisilvapresent) Gustavo Rodriguez (@sandovar) Daniel Graves (@thedanielgraves) Rebecca Graves (@therebeccagraves)

Production Assistants: Dalia Mazal Brontis Orengo (@BrontisOrengo)

Podcast Production Team: Producer - Daniel Graves (@thedanielgraves) Associate Producer - Greg Russ

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