Cherbourg's Female War Heroes

Feb 11, 2016, 01:20 PM

There has never been any recognition for the role that Aboriginal women played during war times.

Many First Nations women joined the army, but those women who were left behind, had to take on traditionally male work.

Gunggari woman, Dr Ruth Hegarty, Aboriginal author, is a recipient of the Queensland Great award for her contribution to building Queensland, grew up in the dormitory in Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement, also known as Barambah.

Aunty Ruth is 86 years old, and she remembers the role women from Cherbourg played during the second World War, and the role her mother, Ruby Duncan took on during war.

Aunty Ruth talks with her granddaughter, Living Black producer, Minelle Creed about those times during war, and roles women played, and how the returned men were treated when the war ended.