Ep.19 - Learn all about the Taco Cleanse diet, just like Jennifer Aniston

Episode 13
Feb 16, 2016, 05:42 AM

Hi everyone, Sharon here...welcome to the latest edition of our podcast..the LTT Top 5...five stories that have intrigued us this week. For starters, you can learn all about the Taco Cleanse diet and maybe you'll become a fan just like Jennifer Aniston who revealed that she's 'riveted' by it. We talk with one of the inventors. Also, meet some really dumb people...like the ones who decided to park on a frozen lake...you just know how that's going to end, or the woman who really thinks she's a cat...hmm, or how about Siri's take on Spandex and her new incarnation for it, plus a heartwarming story about a teenager getting a new heart. It's all in Ep.19 of LTT. (Listen To This). Enjoy...:)

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