TFOT - Episode 12: Vivienne DeCourcy - Dick Flicks

Mar 01, 2016, 10:15 AM

Vivienne DeCourcy, the writer and director of the new feature film ‘Dare to be Wild’ is Helen Shaw’s guest in episode 12 of The Family of Things.

‘Dare to be Wild’, is based on the true story of Irish wild garden designer Mary Reynolds who won the Chelsea Garden Show in 2002. The film is Vivienne’s directorial debut and in this podcast Vivienne talks about her connection to the film’s message, the importance of the environment, nature conservation on our planet and the connection between man and the environment. Vivienne, a former lawyer, began writing scripts after surviving cancer and she talks about her instinctive relationship with the outdoors and nature from her childhood.

Her parents, her father was in the Irish Army, and her mother was an English teacher, encouraged her to become a doctor or a lawyer, but as a lover of art and history, she feels she was given a special gift – to take inspirational and enlightening stories and share them with an audience. Stories, she says, that may “positively impact the way we live on planet earth“

In this short clip, Helen and Vivienne talk about women in hollywood and the recent tendency for filmmakers to make dark, edgy films - something that Vivienne calls 'dick flicks'

Dare to be Wild will be released in cinemas in Spring 2016.

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Photo: Courtesy of Vivienne DeCourcy

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