#LTT- Listen To This with Cliff & Sharon Top 5 - Drunk confidence and more...

Mar 13, 2016, 06:35 AM

Hi everyone...Sharon & Cliff here...and these are the stories in this #LTT Top 5:

*Big Feet mean big what? Well, the latest evidence is in....you might be surprised. * We take a look at the world burping record as it goes backwards and forwards between Australia and the UK. And we learn a surprising skill of Sharon's... * A cute story...a young girl comes out of anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth removed...and she is so upset...but not because of the operation. If you've ever had an anesthetic you'll sympathize.... * Siri gives us her tough love advice on Drunk Confidence... * And really people...would you trust a hit-woman named Joannie Pepperoni? These dummies did....sigh

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