LTT with Cliff & Sharon Top 5 - That's Good, That's Bad...

Mar 18, 2016, 02:32 AM

Hi everyone, Sharon here...and here's what's in this edition of #LTT - Listen To This with Cliff & Sharon:

  • Have you ever had a family pet go missing? Well, we have the story of a cat that went missing...and turned up a long, long way from home.
  • This will make you feel so much better about yourself...a tale of two absolute idiots. You won't believe this one...even had us shaking our heads and we thought we'd heard it all.
  • So, you lose your wallet and you get it back...great relief...but you also get a critique along with it. That's what happened to this woman.
  • Then we have the naked dancer/twerker who held up traffic in Houston ...yep...buck naked dancing on top of an 18 wheeler. Rubber-neckers had a field day.
  • Plus our That's Good, That's Bad story of a guy who fell 11 floors from a balcony into a kiddie pool. Unbelievable!

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