EP1 - Who Will Get In? - The Initial Pitch

Mar 21, 2016, 08:00 AM

In this episode, Josh Elledge & Bryan Orr will share the story of the final Starter Studio interviews and you’ll meet the startups and learn the eight are that are accepted! What does it take to get accepted into an accelerator program like Starter Studio? Our panel will shine the spotlight and get to know lots of startups applying for this season’s Starter Studio.

Among those you’ll meet are: - Ricky Alphonse and his wearable company Advancing Technology - Arielle Cohen with her social music platform Zuke - Ron Ben-Zeev and David Pankros and the multi location connection engine SQYGL - Chris Gilhooley and Cole Brickley of MoversAtlas - Thomas Waterman with his social giving application BackStory - Jolene Taracatac and her fashion app Style Squad - Bryan Holmes with the unique mouse product Mouse Melon - And finally Mark Baratelli and BigBoxOf

You’ll learn who the panel responded to by saying, “They should quit while they know everything.” and “Not just no… but Hell no.” MORE: http://www.StarterStudio.com

A special thanks to our platinum sponsors: The University of Central Florida and Withum - audit tax advisory firm.

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