#LTT - Listen To This Top 5 with Cliff & Sharon - Tackling the big questions

Mar 21, 2016, 07:23 AM

Hi everyone...Sharon here...and here's what's in this edition of #LTT-Listen To This...The Top 5:

  1. How long should you wait before succumbing to No.2's? Probably not this long....
  2. A feel good story involving a teacher, a kidney and a student. Teachers are fabulous!
  3. There are many things you can blame the dog for...and Siri gives her advice on one of the biggest.
  4. Imagine living on Katie Crotch Road. It's a real place and people live there. People with a great sense of humor we hope.
  5. And the big question...is raw milk good or bad for you?

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