KEEP IT 100 GIRL - EPISODE 11 - Eating Disorder Spotlight

Mar 22, 2016, 10:05 AM

Today, we talk about a condition that 30 million people in the U.S. struggle with.

That’s right, Girlienation, 30 MILLION.

It’s a topic that proves how impressionable we are from a very young age.

Eating disorders are more common than people think...yet so difficult to spot at times.

It all starts with self-image. We all have that one body part that we feel self-conscious about. That disapproval drives us crazy, and we start looking for ways (healthy or not) to change it.

In this show, SueB Zimmerman a.k.a. The Instagram Expert joins us to talk about her entrepreneurial journey and shares (for the first time ever) her story about her battle with an eating disorder.

We are also joined by Claire Mysko, CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, who shares some eye-opening facts about this devastating condition (along with ways to detect and treat it).

This episode is jam packed with valuable information, so make sure to listen ‘til the very end.

What you’re gonna hear:

The Instagram Expert reveals how she turned negatives into positives in her life The CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association highlights the complexity of an eating disorder An interesting characteristic about people who struggle with eating disorders The factors that lead to the development of an eating disorder (and make it challenging to recover from one) Meaningful facts about eating disorders An inconspicuous way to tell if someone is bulimic Key signs you’ll experience while going through bulimia The latest behavioral trends in eating disorders What orthorexia is (and why it may be affecting you or someone close to you) Prevalent symptoms to look for (according to National Eating Disorders Association) The recommended steps to get help with an eating disorder

Quote It!

“We live in a culture that places a toxic emphasis on weight and perfection.” Claire Mysko “I don’t know any teenage girl that doesn’t think about their body image at some point in their life.” -SueB Zimmerman “We try to retrofit our body image into wanting to look like somebody else.” -Nina “There’s a social pressure for thinness.” -Nina

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