#LTT - Listen To This Top 5 Ep.31 - Best Chewbacca prank ever?

Mar 30, 2016, 07:02 AM

Hi everyone...welcome to the latest #LTT Top 5...five great stories taken directly from our radio show....

First up...what happens to your Facebook page when you die? Is a Facebook funeral called for? And what would it sound like? Maybe like this...

Try saying this quickly...pooping pigeons measuring pollution...and it's really happening. Hear the story.

Cliff has a problem and is seeking Siri's advice on how to deal with it. What to do if your significant other is going vegan? And all you want is a steak. Siri has a view...

We have possibly the best Chewbacca prank ever...fortunately the prankee took it in his stride (how's your Chewbacca impression? Bet it's a lot better than mine or Cliffs)

Finally we play Yes or BS - which of these are real celebrity tweets? You may be surprised...then again...maybe not.

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