Taiko Drum Farewell

Jul 15, 2009, 01:23 PM, Beijing, China
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mahjongmi - about 8 years ago

Great update :) Have a safe fun trip back :)


Kendall - about 8 years ago

Thanks Leo, your sharing about the Atomic Bomb Museum is important. Not even the horror of Pearl Harbor makes sense of he two bombs and their great massive ramifications. I felt similar when visiting the Yad Va Sham in Israel to learn of both my Country, Canada as well as the USA decision to send ship loads of Jewish refugees back to Europe during the second world war.


BudPate - about 8 years ago

Thanks for bringing us along


Rkrue99833 - about 8 years ago

Just remember Leo, as sad as the bomb and devastation was, go to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and understand why that all came about. With that said, when I was in Japan, I felt similar and wondered how we could have done this to innocent people. Then I remembered that they weren't so innocent back then.


izzybob - about 8 years ago

Great stuff Leo .. safe trip home


rbitting - about 8 years ago

Well Leo, at least the Keyboard Cat didn't play you off this time! :-)