Succès du "Chang-Hua-Mun"

Apr 04, 2016, 11:45 AM

Success of the “Chang-Hua-Mun” Royal Initiative Project The operation of the “Chang-Hua-Mun” Royal Initiative Project is an integral work of various agencies. This has brought the development into the area such as roads and electricity. The community members are proud of the King because the land in Kaokrapook was selected to be his project area. The project also bring about love and solidarity in the community. Moreover, the students and people living in the area with the royal gracious kindness of His Majesty the King can cultivate vegetables to service the king. This is a form of learning through actual practice that can be applied at their home. In addition, there are villagers surrounding the project area and in the Tayang District come to offer work in contribution to the project everyday. On August 21, 2009, in His Majesty the King’s royally speech at the Klai Kangwon Palace, as below; “… In that, you have worked and made progress is a great thing. The principle is that everyone must sacrifice for activities in the area to progress well. How progress is through helping together. In the past it was thought that activities were done by a certain group of people; then progress was made. But this one is not a single group. All mutually work together and thus the progress is definite. This one is wonderful and amazing , and it gives hope-the hope that the nation shall progress, the nation shall success…” The “Chang-Hua-Mun” Royal Initiative Project is therefore a project that illustrates the intelligence of His Majesty to enhance the realization of the importance of the solidarity and unity in action and spirit of people in the community. If the people help together without selfishness, and sacrificing for the progress of the community, such community will be strong and able to overcome obstacles triumphantly. If many communities can do like this, the nation will progress with steadily and lastingly. Accordingly, this is the royal gracious kindness of His Majesty the King.