#LTT - Listen To This Top 5 - The No BMW For You edition..

Apr 04, 2016, 07:40 AM

Hi everyone, Sharon & Cliff here with the Show Notes:

5 great stories taken directly from our radio show...we have:

  • The tale of a poor deluded guy who thought he'd be able to buy himself a BMW with his food stamps. The dealer said 'no'...so he took one anyway...

  • We follow that with the story of a man who started a siege last Monday....and fell asleep.

  • Next up a cat burglar from Hamilton New Zealand...as in a cat who's a burglar. And you won't believe what this criminal is stealing....

  • We ask Siri her thoughts on open bars...something we're in favor of. But Siri puts us in our place.

  • And we reveal the secret to getting healthy...the one thing you can do that will work...well...it certainly appeals to us.

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