Boob and Bra Talk - Ep.014

Apr 12, 2016, 05:05 AM

The Cast of Characters

Nina Babel - Host

Danny Koch - Owner of The Town Shop, New York City (NYC)

Alba Salas - Bra Fitting Expert

About the Episode

In this episode Nina explores “Caring for your Boobs with the Right Bra”. Nina shares her trip to the Town Shop in NYC. The Town Shop is family owned and located on the upper west side of New York City. It was founded in 1888 and has a great history. They have over 100 years of providing the bra fitting experience.

What You’re Gonna Hear

The Role of a Bra Fitter The Anatomy of a Bra (Extra Oomph) How Long A Fitting Actually Takes The Biggest Complaints When It Comes to Bras The Care & Maintenance of a Bra

This was Nina’s first experience and she found a new appreciation for bra’s. She found herself confessing to Danny Koch (store owner) her inability or knack to select the right bra. Alba Salas helped Nina with her fitting. Alba was featured on the Meredith Vieira Show for expertise in bra fitting. Alba explains to Nina the anatomy of a bra. Nina learns that her bra size is actually between a C and a D, not just a C.

The Town Shop’s process emphasizes that it’s about the fit and finding the right size for their customers. Buying a bra is like shopping for jeans. No pair of jeans is the same exact fit. It is the same way with bras. Every bra is different.

Alba explains the anatomy of a bra and the right way to put it on during Nina’s fitting experience. According to Alba,a woman only needs up to four bras to last a whole year. Nina digs into her drawer at home and counts up to at least 20 y bras that she owns and will have to toss.

Most of know our bra struggles and girlienation chimes in to share their personal struggles. Nina explains her embarrassing confession, which she calls “Bra and Makeup Syndrome”. She has some bras (as well as makeup) she has kept for years. Nina admitted to having one bra that was bought in London15 years ago.

Both Danny and Alba explain how different cultures around the world consider what type of bras to get.

Danny discusses the difference between being measured versus being fit. Victoria Secrets measure and Town shop fits their customers.The Town Shop does not measure. Danny uses his Grandmother’s bra fitting philosophy of using heir trained expert eye to determine a woman’s shape and which bras to try on for fittings. According to Danny Koch, 95% of the ladies that walk out of the Town Shop store have a great experience.

Nina keeps it real. Nina admits that any day that she can go without wearing a bra is a good day. Some of the bra bloopers that every woman faces include underwires popping out, back and shoulder pain, being conscience of “headlights” showing, etc. Danny and Alba openly share from their experience the biggest complaints and false expectations that women face with their bras.

Nina confirmed two important things that she learned from her experience at the Town Shop. “You are either spot on or you are totally way off” says Nina. This was a feel good experience every woman needs to do for herself. She recommends that every woman should have this experience and check it off of their bucket list. You would be doing a great disservice to yourself. Nina learned her fit, cut, and preference. She compared this experience  to getting new prescription glasses. When you get a new prescription, you can’t wear the old ones anymore.

Nina reminds us “It’s all about the experience.” It’s about taking care of you & your “girls.” Going to a bra fitter or specialty store staffed with experts makes total sense to me now. I get it!

Let’s recap on DANNY and ALBA’s golden rules:

When your bra strap falls down on your shoulder it’s because of two reasons: 1) it’s too old or loose and 2) band is not in the proper place on your back. it should be low. The # 32, 36, 38 is for the back band and Letter is for the cup size Victoria Secret measures womenTown Shop and other bra fitter fit women ...