Louiza Patikas & Archers Editor Sean O Connor on 2016 'Gaslighting' plot

Apr 13, 2016, 10:30 PM

Who would imagine that radio drama would make the headlines in 2016?

It has, with the current Archers storyline featuring the manipulative and coercive Rob Titchener whose control of his pregnant wife turns to abuse, with dramatic consequences. The press have picked up on the storyline, and funds have been raised for domestic abuse charities. Maybe most importantly, this issue of quiet ‘gaslighting’ has been brought to the fore, with individuals now feeling able to step forward to a more understanding response.

Here, the plot makes Newsnight coverage. I doubt whether Evan's interview with Louiza Patikas (who plays Helen) and the Editor Sean O Connor will win any TV awards, but it’s great to see, once again, radio claiming its rightful headlines.

One doubts that TV was quite so generous with coverage of major radio drama plots in 1955 when Grace Archer died in the fire timed to co-incide with the day of ITV’s launch.