#LTT-Listen To This Top 5 - The Casino evacuated because of what? Edition

Apr 17, 2016, 01:29 PM

Hi everyone...Sharon with the Show Notes:

Welcome to #LTT-Listen To This Top 5....5 stories from our syndicated radio show this past week.

*We kick things off with a very personal and sad story from Cliff..and a message we should all heed. * When then turn to Siri for some advice...Should scrubs be worn in a bar? We have a very good reason for asking.... * Turns out the way you hang your toilet paper says a lot about you. Are you and over or an under? And who comes up with these studies btw...:) * We take a look at a new, ofbeat craft beer that's been released. This one is really odd. Would you drink it? * Finally, a Casino in Germany was recently cleared and the police and bomb squad called when a suspicious ticking was heard coming from the men's room. Turns out it wasn't what they thought...but we're wondering if the owner will ever return to claim it?

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