KEEP IT 100 GIRL - EPISODE 15 - Ooooh, The Minute Man Effect

Apr 19, 2016, 01:58 PM

The Cast of Characters

Nina Babel - Host

Male guest in his 40s

Dr. Megan Fleming, Psychologist and Expert Sex Therapist based in New York City.

About the Episode

In this episode, Nina asked girlienation to school the men and similarly asked one guy to man-up and school girlienation about the “5-Minute man”. As usual, I've asked girlienation to chime in on their experiences and, similarly, I have my resident everyday "guy", who gives the male point of view.

What You’re Gonna Hear

  • What's a 1-Minute Man?
  • Sexpectations
  • The disappointment from women
  • Are quickies acceptable?
  • Is it grounds for dismissal?

The Urban dictionary defines a 5-Minute man as “a guy who cannot hold his load therefore not being able to please his woman”. The term refers to a man who does not last long during sex or ejaculates/cums quickly.

I enlisted the help of expert sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming, Nina explains possible scenarios when women find it is acceptable, but also when it isn’t.

Dr. Fleming emphasizes the goal for couples is pleasure. Find workarounds to pleasuring each other if it's 2 minutes or less.

About Nina:

Nina works as the Founder of Girlcircle TV on YouTube, Keep it 100 Girl Podcaster, Lifestyle Writer, IT Consultant, and Author-to-Be of What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You, But Your Girlfriend Did. Her services include motivational speaking and coaching.

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