Property special: The last hurrah for buy-to-let?

Apr 22, 2016, 05:30 PM

This episode is dedicated to Prince.

We were already planning a bit of a musical theme after a reader emailed This is Money to ask if she was entitled to a refund for an AC/DC concert.

She no longer wanted to attend because the lead singer Brian Johnson has been replaced with the infamously unreliable Axl Rose.

But Prince’s death was a shock. We’re all fans. Our website is purple! RIP.

It’s also been, we think, a bad week for buy-to-let.

Following a record splurge on buy-to-let mortgages we discuss whether investors have now spent all they can and what effect that will have on the property market.

While we’re on the subject, property reporter Myra Butterworth has unearthed three dream homes for sale that featured in the popular TV show Grand Designs.

New-build homes are in the spotlight after a poll found that nearly three-quarters of buyers would avoid them – and yet another story emerges of extreme shoddy workmanship on a new house.

We even ask whether the European in-out referendum is affecting house prices?

Also on the show we look at…

Fraud and how to spot if a cash machine has been tampered with – it’s not easy

The latest sexed-up car emissions scandal

Have we found the hottest hatch ever? Classic cars are fetching silly money again.

And will our reader be able to get that rock n roll refund?

What do you think?

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