013 - Lights! Camera! Action! Rowing! ON THE BIG SCREEN!

May 03, 2016, 07:05 AM

In Episode 13 - We tell you numerous tales about rowing on the big screen!

We talk about the documentary based on the hit book 'The Boys in the Boat' based on the famous crew of 1936.

The real question is: Will Bradley Cooper be in it, or what?!

(Bradley, if you're listening... Please confirm!)

We interview local Arizona rower and filmmaker Daniel Koenig.

Daniel filmed a documentary following 4 tremendous athletes and their journeys in rowing.

It will be premiering locally in Arizona, in June 2016... and coming to your iTunes library VERY soon!

Check it out!!

**We were so excited and forgot to mention the title of the Documentary... We're sorry. We do know what it is. HEY ... We never claimed to be good journalists. We try our best!!

The title is -- Trials: Finding the Medal

(We will post the link to the trailer.)





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