William Bissell, managing director, Fabindia

May 03, 2016, 03:49 PM

William Bissell's father John Bissell had started Fab India has a home furnishing export house in 1960. By the mid 90s they realised that their biggest market was right outside their doorstep as economic growth shot through the roof and people's attitudes towards everything, from spending to home ownership changed. Bissell talks about the days when shampoo was considered a luxury and he would travel for days, sleeping on tables in empty guest houses to meet craftsmen. Reforms introduced the concept of choice and service to the Indian consumer and social media has only served to democratise these. "We do a particular style of clothing and it picks up everywhere, there is no difference anymore between tier 1 and tier 4 cities," says the MD of what is perhaps today one of the biggest brands in India ethnic retail. #liberalisation #reforms #retail #ethnicwear #Fabindia #artisans