Motorist ‘fined staggering 91 times for driving in bus lanes’. It's not @StephenNolan

May 05, 2016, 09:27 AM

Bus lane fines! The Belfast Telegraph is reporting today that a motorist has been fined a staggering 91 times for driving in Belfast's bus lanes in just 10 months. The motorist has accumulated at least £4,000 worth of penalties in that period. New figures show more than 40,000 vehicles have been clocked driving in the city's bus lanes in the past 10 months. The total value of fines has now topped £1.5m. What do you think - have you been one of the motorists caught? Are you glad the bus lane cameras are in place? Stephen spoke to Glynn Roberts from Northern Ireland's Independent Retail Trade Association and environmental campaigner Geoff Gazzard