5/5/16 Procedurally Generated

May 06, 2016, 02:39 AM

Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Henry Bell as they discuss the latest news in the gaming world, updates to games that are already out, release date announcements and why cheaters never prosper. Also, be sure to follow the show on Twitter (@pgshow) as well as John (@JohnCarson), Tom (@tschreier3) and Cold Omaha (@ColdOmahaMN) as well as Henry's YouTube Channel (lesser.n00b).

News Oculus pre-order controversy (0:55) Wasteland 2, Alien Wasteland copyright issue (14:35) Lost daily missions in The Divsion (18:30) League of Legends streamer: Tyler1 (34:50) Total War: Warhammer (41:50) Lionhead closing (45:50)

Updates Quantum Break PC patch (51:05) Valve improves Steam review system (58:00)

Game annoucements Dishonored 2 (1:00:20) Mighty No. 9, Stardew Valley updates (1:03:00) Overwatch Beta (1:05:30) Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (1:08:30)

Cheaters never prosper Dark Souls 3 cheater (1:15:00) Valve upping security in Team Fortress 2 (1:19:30) Ubisoft cracking down on The Division (1:24:00)

Games we've played lesser.n00b - Henry's channel (1:31:30) Hearthstone Old Gods (1:32:00) Ratchet and Clank (1:40:30) Grid 2 (1:46:30) Fallout 4 Survival Mode (1:49:00) Clash Royale (2:00:00) Overwatch (2:02:00)