#LTT - Listen To This with Cliff & Sharon Top 5 Episode 40 - Do men really fake it?

May 06, 2016, 10:20 AM

Hi everyone - Sharon with the Show Notes:

More strangeness from around the world...all true stories and all taken from our syndicated radio show.

In this episode...

  • Food labels...they sure can be deceptive
  • Do men really fake it too? Apparently so...we have the details...it may surprise you.
  • As a public service, we want to alert you to a modern day problem. Is google changing the way we communicate? Changing the very language we speak?
  • Cliff has a sore back and who else would you turn to for advice on dealing with it...of course...our favorite advice giver....Siri!
  • This is the stuff of science fiction...but it's a true story. Man has his hand grafted to his stomach after a nasty accident. We have the details.

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