#LTT - Listen To This with Cliff & Sharon Ep. 43 - Here's to a three day working week...

May 25, 2016, 03:04 AM

Hi everyone...Sharon here with the show notes.

The stories we cover in this episode:

*Beer served by German Shepherds...yes that's right. As we say...we don't make this stuff up. Check the story out. *A heartwarming and inspirational story about a man who's completely turned his life around...going from homeless to house owner. You'll like this one. * So...what do you call your self if you live in Hattiesburg? After much debate they've come up with a collective noun...and they're proud of it. *We ask Siri for her advice on the creepy co-worker dream. Please heed her advice...please... *And finally...a silly question...how would you like to have a three day work week? Well, there's now evidence to suggest that it's good for you and output. So check out the science and take it to the boss...oh...and good luck...:)

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