Absolutely Innocent

May 30, 2016, 09:57 PM

May 30, 2016 / Episode scoring music by Alex Fitch, AnimalWeapon, Blue Dot Sessions, Chris Zabriskie, Julian Sartorius, and Uncanny Valleys

Rabia interviews Marty Tankleff, who at 17 was falsely convicted for the murder of his parents, and Marc Howard, a professor at Georgetown University and Marty's friend and high school classmate. To learn more about Marty's conviction and eventual exoneration, go to: http://www.martytankleff.org/

Also, stay tuned after the episode for a bonus interview with Brooke Gittings of the Actual Innocence podcast! You can listen to Actual Innocence at: https://audioboom.com/channel/actualinnocence