KEEP IT 100 GIRL - EPISODE 23 - Biggest Sex Mistakes by Men Make

May 31, 2016, 11:26 AM

Welcome to the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast.

What's your totally awk bedroom bloopers? Let me set this scene. Some people have god-given talent and some don’t. Ask any woman. There’s a top 3 list and it can’t be long either.

Let me put it this way so you understand better. It’s like asking somebody how many times have you been in love. If they say 10 that’s a red flag. Back to the top 3.

Girls share the best of the best with each other. Our 3 for 3 is the 3 guys that had those god-given talents in bed who magically didn’t need instruction, was comfortable after sex debrief and compliment about our sessssh, and three was perfectly capable of round 2. Wooooh!

In today’s episode, you’re gonna hear

  1. Women tell bedroom mistakes men have made with them
  2. Personal real life awkward moments
  3. The quintessential do’s and don'ts from women of all ages
  4. Your delivery and communication

We all encounter sexually awkward moments that we may feel to shy, embarrassed, or nervous to communicate to our partners. This generation is born and raised on the Internet and their smartphone. When it comes to communication this is a super sensitive dialogue to have with partner especially when it comes to delivery. I’ve asked relationship expert Colin Tate ( to dig in with the communication part.

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