WMAL Interview - DAVID MARTOSKO - 06.01.16

Jun 01, 2016, 06:31 PM

INTERVIEW -- DAVID MARTOSKO -- U.S. Political Editor for The Daily Mail

David was at Trump's wild press conference yesterday in New York

LOCATION: David is now IN CALIFORNIA (looming primary next week)


Trump unleashes fury on 'sleazes and losers' in political media for 'unfair' questions about $5.6 million he raised for veterans (even though some checks were cut AFTER questions were asked)

Donald Trump skipped an Iowa debate in late January and held his own rally instead to announce '$6 million' in fundraising for veterans charities
Reporters have demanded a full accounting of the money, and Trump provided it on Tuesday
But the presumptive Republican presidential nominee hammered the press for making him justify the details of his gesture, insisting that he didn't 'want credit'
He made a $1 million donation from his own money just last week – but that was nearly four months after announcing he would open his checkbook
Trump complained that no good deed goes unpunished, and blamed media organizations for being picky with details
And he told DailyMail.com that if he's president he will continue to berate 'dishonest' reporters who write 'libelous' stories about him
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By David Martosko, Us Political Editor For Dailymail.com In New York

Published: 08:00 EST, 31 May 2016 | Updated: 17:37 EST, 31 May 2016

Donald Trump summoned the nation's political press corps to his New York City skyscraper on Tuesday so he could give it a collective paddling over his treatment following a January veterans fundraising exercise whose results he announced after months of waiting.

He called out reporters by name, blasting an ABC News journalist as 'a sleaze' and hitting a CNN correspondent sarcastically as 'a real beauty.'

Trump was upset over what he called 'attacks' from 'losers' in the media who questioned whether a $6 million windfall he promised in January would ever materialize.

He said Tuesday that 'it'll probably be over that, when all is said and done, but as of now it's $5.6 million.'

And Trump said the press corps can expect regular verbal spankings in the White House press briefing room if he should win the presidency in November.

'Yeah, it is going to be like this, David, if the press writes false stories like they did with this,' he told DailyMail.com's reporter

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