Death of the High Street: who needs shops anyway?

Jun 03, 2016, 01:26 PM

Walk around town centres in Britain and what do you see? A few chain stores, a Poundland or two, betting shops, charity shops, lots of empty shops, Amazon delivery vans, tumbleweed?

We don't shop in the High Street like we used to. Even Poundland has a website with free delivery for orders over £50 (OK, that's a lot of sweets).

The High Street has just got a little bit deader with BHS and Austin Reed the latest casualties.

What went so wrong?

Is it sad, simply inevitable or perhaps good news that empty shops might be converted into homes?

Join the mighty money triumvirate, broadcaster of the year Georgie Frost, This is Money editor Simon Lambert and consumer affairs editor Lee Boyce as they take us on an aural tour of the death of our towns.

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There's a couple of great questions about pensions...

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And finally

The question everyone is asking: How do you get two whales in an electric car?

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