WMAL Interview - SEN. TIM KAINE - 06-08-16

Jun 09, 2016, 11:23 PM

INTERVIEW — SENATOR TIM KAINE — U.S. Senator in Virginia and

Tuesday was primary day. Secretary Clinton is now historic. What should Sen. Sanders do? Time for Sanders to drop out?
A USA Today panel of democratic strategists picked Sen. Kaine as their top VP pick for Sec. Clinton. Does he have any interest in being veep?
USA TODAY: USA TODAY VP Power Rankings: Tim Kaine tops the list for Clinton’s running mate. USA Today’s panel of experts thinks her most likely vice presidential pick is Tim Kaine, the moderate Virginia senator and former governor who is the consummate party insider, having once served as Democratic National Committee chairman. USA Today’s experts — the same folks who provided our weekly GOP Power Rankings in the fall and winter — offered a variety of candidates who could help Clinton shore up support with minority voters and liberals: New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who is young, African-American and the king of social media; Rep. Xavier Becerra, the only Latino holding a Democratic leadership post in Congress; and Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, a hero of organized labor. “Tim Kaine is far and away the best choice — former mayor, governor, Spanish speaking, highly regarded from a swing state.” said Dallas Morning News columnist Carl Leubsdorf. “I expect Hillary Clinton to pick someone clearly qualified to be president, to increase the contrast with Trump.” Former Democratic congressman Dan Maffei said Kaine “helps a little with Obama insiders but could really help win Virginia.”
    The Clinton emails investigation is always lingering. Are democrats concerned about her as nominee if the investigation grows into a bigger issue?
    Tim Kaine: Trump Would Pose ‘Unprecedented Danger’ as Commander In Chief. What are Sen. Kaine’s concerns about Trump?