Great Lord of Lords, by Orlando Gibbons: sung today by my church choir. Dig those gorgeous harmonies! :-)

Jun 12, 2016, 08:58 PM

The tenor section needed a little work on this piece, but the rest of the choir was fantastic, including the soloists. Here are the words, which are a little difficult to pick up from this recording. Great Lord of lords, supreme immortal King, O give us grace to sing Thy praise, which makes earth, air and heaven ring.  O Word of God, from ages unbegun, the Father's only Son, with Him in power, in substance, Thou art one.  O Holy Ghost, whose care doth all embrace, Thy watch is o'er our race, Thou Source of Life, Thou Spring of peace and grace.  One living Trinity, one unseen Light, all, all is Thine, Thy light beholds alike the bounds of depth and height.  Amen. #anthems #choir #church #Gibbons #music