#072 - How to grow your business locally with a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY strategy

Jun 13, 2016, 02:13 AM

Why would I speak over 50 times for FREE?

I'm either crazy (don't answer that question) OR I've discovered a way to increase my influence, impact, and income while giving back to my community. It's called Igniting Souls Fellowship.

Many of you have asked me recently, "Kary how can I create my own version of your 'Igniting Souls Fellowship' where I live." Others have "borrowed" my model. Daphne created "Third Thursdays" and Kathy created "Mentoring Mondays." Great job ladies.

In this week's episode I teach you: How to grow your business locally with a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY STRATEGY. In it I unpack 4 years of Igniting Souls Fellowship. (Structure, flow, strategy, pros, cons, wins, failures, and much more.)

And because I'm committed to helping you, this week I took action and made a live video in front of a live audience. I filmed our June Igniting Souls Fellowship. (BTW: You're always invited to this FREE monthly event, my gift to you.) WATCH IT HERE.

Already it's reached thousands of people. I admit it was a little out of my comfort zone, filming it live, because I usually speak on video OR to a live audience. I've rarely done both at the same time.


Fact! You're more powerful than NASA

What is this amazing power you have?

Believe it or not, it's in your pocket? Want to guess what it is?

Try...your smart phone!

Back in 1969, NASA computers cost $3.5 million a piece and were the size of a car. Each could perform several hundred thousand additional operations per second, and their total memory capacity was in the megabyte range.

Your smartphone today is millions of times more powerful that all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969 Who cares? And why does this matter?

Over the past couple years I've recorded over one hundred videos that have received hundreds of thousands of views from people all over the world.

These videos range from a guy who stole my shopping cart TWICE in the same day to one with my friend Tom Ryan, coach of the Ohio State Buckeye wrestling team that got over 55,000 views.

Again, who cares? And why does this matter?

Because many of you have asked me how you start making your own videos on your smart phones. You asked me questions like:

What types of videos should I make? How do I make them? Does the title of my video matter? How can I get people to share my video? Should I post it to YouTube or Facebook and why does it matter? How can I change the thumbnail for my video? Did Chewbacca mom really make $400,000 from one 4 minute video?

If your brand new to smart phone video OR if you're a pro, you might enjoy the FREE training. I'm leaving it up for a little while longer. I teach you how to make powerful videos from your smartphone by using my framework:

V = Value I = Impact D = Direct E = Emotional O = Original Cool Surprise Coming Next Week:

I'll share more next week. But if you want a sneak peek you can watch it HERE now.

You coming to Igniting Souls 2016?

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Igniting Souls Registration = http://www.karyoberbrunner.com/is-fellowship