Thisfunktional Podcast - Movies - Interview with cast and crew of I AM GANGSTER

Jun 20, 2016, 09:16 PM

Writer-director Morits Rechenberg, producer Ralf Weinfurtner, and actors Marlene Forte, Gilberto Ortiz and Rick Mancia talk with Jesus, #Thisfunktional of, about "I am Gangster."

"I AM GANGSTER" tells the story of three young men in East Los Angeles trying to survive on a daily basis. David, an idealistic correctional officer able to keep his family safe, deals with excessive use-of-force incidents at the jail and is challenged to make a fateful decision between the lesser of two evils. At the same time, hardcore gang member Lito seeks retaliation for the shooting of a fellow gang member by the police, while gang matriarch Tia refuses to let him do so and rejects his request for more organizational responsibility. This pressures Lito to begin seeking more power on his own. Meanwhile, rebellious and easily influenced teenager Rio faces bullies at school and pressure at home, when he meets up with his old childhood friend who is an active gang member. Now, Rio could be easily swayed to enter the dangerous life that looks so inviting.

I AM GANGSTER was birthed from a collaboration with members the Teen Club of Hazard Park in East Los Angeles, when Rechenberg and these teenagers created a short film called TICKED back in 2008. And now, eight years later he's come full circle with this powerful feature length film that comes straight from the heart. Rechenberg was inspired by their stories, as well as by legendary Los Angeles filmmaker Charles Burnett and his classic KILLER OF SHEEP. I AM GANGSTER brings a non-judgmental/non-apologetic portrait of life on the streets of the City of Angels.