#074 - What to do when your friends or family don't support your dream

Jun 27, 2016, 02:19 AM

What happens when your own friends or family don't support your dream?

Is that a sign you have a bad dream or a that you have bad friends?

Maybe neither.

I recently recorded a 3 minute video on this topic. Immediately, I knew it struck a nerve, based upon all the shares, likes, and comments. You can watch the video here. http://bit.ly/21on4Gm

Many of you wanted more than a 3 minute video. You asked for more insight on this topic. You asked questions like:

Should I abandon my dream? Should I refine my dream? Should I get new friends?

In episode 74, I cover these questions and many more. I think my advice and experience on this issue will encourage you in your own journey.

I also share how other people's lack of support was sometimes my own perception. Often their feedback made my dream stronger and better. Often it made ME stronger and better.

I share a cool story about an ancient leader that had friends and families who didn't support him. Discover what he did to turn the tables and achieve his dream.

Prepare to be encouraged, equipped, and empowered. And don't forget to join us at Igniting Souls Conference. Ticket prices increase soon. http://www.ignitingsoulsconference.com