Uplift Humanity Volunteers: Before

Jun 28, 2016, 04:40 PM

On Wednesday, June 29th, over 100 high school students will depart for a two week journey that will shape the future of their lives. I know that sounds dramatic but that is what Uplift Humanity offers and provides. These students are going to drop into juvenile detention centers all across India and work with the young kids to help them break out of the cycle of recidivism. Before they leave, we had the pleasure to chat with a handful of these volunteers to get a snapshot of who these young volunteers are: why they decided to join Uplift? What they were trying to gain? What they were nervous about? Once they get back we will get to speak to them to paint the picture of who they become. Akaash and I were thrilled with the smart, thoughtful, and wildly confident people we encountered and we think you guys will as well. So enjoy a peek into our collective future! Enjoy