Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Jul 02, 2016, 01:18 PM

Performed by Milton Road Choir with lyrics by Dave Cohen, chief songerwriter of CBBC's Horrible Histories, written in collaboration with Helen Weinstein who commissioned the song at Historyworks for children, families, teachers schools to enjoy! Lyrics below:

Humans connected to gorilla Gorilla connected to orang utan Orang utan connected to the gibbon Charles Darwin did record…

Darwin connected all the animals Saw how llamas came from camels Worked out that whales had been mammals They're from the same family.

Dem whales first lived on dry land It’s said that they had legs and hands Swimming was their best sport and They ended up in the sea

Darwin said he found a sol-u-tion Called the theory of ev-ol-u-tion It was a major rev-ol-u-tion Although some still disagree