July 4, 2016 / The team, along with Co-Host, Jon Cryer, do a deep dive into the monumental ruling granting Adnan Syed a new trial.

Episode scoring music by Alex Fitch, AnimalWeapon, Blue Dot Sessions, Chris Zabriskie, Julian Sartorius, and Uncanny Valleys

Jul 04, 2016, 10:01 PM
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VTonga1 - about 1 year ago

Great work undisclosed team! Congratulations on helping to get Adnan's conviction vacated! Glad to hear you will continue to use your powers for good


jadeybealle3482 - about 1 year ago

I'm curious if Don and Jenn knew each other? imo the neisha call was intentional or N is before P and the wrong number was called bc Patrick was called afterwards. being high could effect which name was pressed. I find it odd that Jay and Jenn have very different stories except the 3:40 alibis they provide each other.

this show highlights the issues with the judicial system. as a paralegal I've seen similar issues even on the civil side. this system might have once been the best system, but with the advancements of tech... across the country it should be revised. witnesses who frequently change stories should not be allowed to testify or should only testify if every lie they tell and story change can be presented.