July 15, 2016

Jul 15, 2016, 04:34 PM

Court Bauer and John discuss:

--UFC sale and all the ramifications of the deal, WME-IMG leads the group that purchases the company for $4 billion

--Dana White stays on board with new 5-year deal and 9% of company profits while Lorenzo Feritta leaves post as C.E.O. and chairman

--UFC 200, Lesnar wins and if WWE will let him fight again

--John Cena’s performance hosting the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night

--WWE experiments again with second-screen programming on Smackdown Tuesday night, why this didn’t work with WWE Unlimited in 2005

--New General Managers to be announced Monday night

--Episode 1 of the Cruiserweight Classic and how it came off, the format of the show, Mauro Ranallo & Daniel Bryan chemistry and who stood out on the first show

--Who could be plucked from the NXT roster at the draft?

--Moose debuts for TNA, the buzz that Final Deletion has generated and moving to Thursday nights next week at 8pm on POP and Fight Network

--Big Show and Shaq shoot angle on red carpet at the ESPYs for WrestleMania 33

--Dan Severn's new book and getting the MLW "seal" and more