#078 - How to survive and thrive being married to an entrepreneur: A personal interview with Joanne Miller

Jul 25, 2016, 10:47 AM

They call it the Entrepreneur's Rollercoaster for a reason. And if you're not careful, you can become just another statistic.

In this episode I take a deep dive with Joanne Miller, wife of NY Times bestselling author Dan Miller. Together they've been married for nearly half a century. Joanne Miller says her #1 secret for surviving and thriving being married to an entrepreneur is Creating a Haven of Peace.

As someone who's been in their home and their space many times over the years, I couldn't agree more. But what is a Haven of Peace in practical terms? And how do you go about creating one, whatever stage you're at in life?

This is the core of our interview today. Enjoy and be sure to check out her brand new book that goes into even more content. http://amzn.to/2a5qzmq

More on the inspiration behind Joanne's book:

I learned at a very young age that a home full of anger, divorce and disrespect was not the way I wanted to begin my marriage, so at age 19 I drew a line in the sand and declared I would change my family tree. But that took determination and intentional living. I had a lot to learn and I eagerly sought out resources to head me in the right direction.

Creating a Haven of Peace doesn’t take a lot of money. It doesn’t take a beautiful new home or all the stuff we think we need in order to be happy. You can begin building a peaceful and loving environment immediately by following the principles and insights I lay out in the chapters in this book.

Creating the proper ambience, practicing being kind rather than right and maintaining the proper hierarchy in the family are only a few of the many ways to loving and lasting relationships.

Distraction and disconnect, chaos and busyness, disappointment and frustration are realities that cover our days like a blanket of smog. Intentionally wiping the cares of the world from our shoes at the front gate and stepping into a sanctuary where love is unconditional, peace is the norm and laughter is abundant can make life a grand adventure in spite of what is happening in the world at large.