#LTT - Listen To This with Cliff & Sharon Episode 56 - I'm Just A Gigolo (almost)

Aug 04, 2016, 03:23 AM

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Hi everyone....Sharon with the Show Notes for #LTT - Listen To This...a podcast of plain weird news....and all theses stories are true.

*Liar, liar pants on fire....or is it because of that iphone you're carrying? A cautionary tale... *Fans are divided...but the next Iron Man will be a woman. That's what they're saying...we have the story. *Question..how does a man with no legs find himself in a high speed police pursuit? The answer turns out to be quite simple... *I'm just a gigolo...well almost. One mans failed attempt....another cautionary tale. *Would NASA lie to s about aliens? One for conspiracy theorists...

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