#04 How To Write A Story with Dan Harmon

Nov 16, 2015, 08:00 AM

This week Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty, and HarmonQuest) takes us on a journey to "meet the Goddess" by sharing his philosophy of writing, storytelling, and honesty. Using these principles, we map out the first episode of Parks and Recreation using Harmon’s story circle, and hopefully we return to where we started, having changed...

Portions of the interview with Dan Harmon were excerpted from the podcast, Innovation Crush with Chris Denson. For more info on Dan Harmon’s story circle, check out http://channel101.wikia.com.

Music: Jon Brion- “Strange Bath” Ludwig Goransson - “Community Medley” Seam - “Autopilot” Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - “Hand Covers Bruise, Reprise”