#080 - How to become a thought leader and certify people on your own content

Aug 08, 2016, 10:46 AM

Could be earning more influence, impact, & income?

If you're a content creator (speaker, blogger, authors, podcaster, etc.) and you're not certifying people to speak, coach, and train on your content, then you could be leaving massive amounts of influence, impact, and income on the table.

Over the past 5 years we've issued well over 100 certifications for our 3 teams: Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path, and Dream Job Coaches. The crazy thing is, we've never publicly promoted our teams.

Instead, people who went through our coaching programs and experienced massive life change asked us to be certified. They wanted to create life-change in others through their own speaking, coaching, and training.

One of the Best Decisions We Ever Made

I had reservations at first. The issues centered around ego, control, and fear. Family members even advised me against it. But then, I woke up and realized the massive benefits for the team members and our mission—Igniting Souls. Today looking back, it's one of the best decisions we ever made.

In this episode, I share: How to Become a Thought Leader and Certify People on your own Content. I share the quick backstory below.

And for the first time ever, during the next 7 days we're taking applications for new team members. If you're interested in learning more, please watch this 2 minute video here. After you do, you can then check out whichever team you're interested in applying for: Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path, Dream Job Coaches. ===> http://www.karyoberbrunner.com/teams

Should you Certify People Your Own Content?

I get it. As content creators, we're often scared to "let go" of our message. It's our baby after all. Will people represent our message well? Will they take care of it? Six years ago issues of ego, fear, and control kept me from ever considering it.

But then I woke up and I'm so glad I did. On the podcast and below I share more about the story and process. However, here's 7 quick reasons to help make the decision easier.

C - Coaches: You don't have enough hours in a day to help all the people that need it.

E - Empowerment: Your message won't reach its potential if you protect it.

R - R.O.I. : Your team increases their impact and income AND yours.

T - Trainers: You can't train all the people who need your content.

I - Influence: Your influence will grow as you grow your team.

F - Focus: You can only do a few things well and you have more content to create.

Y - Yawp: Your need barbaric YAWPERS that make the message even better.

How it All Happened

Almost 6 years ago Your Secret Name—my fourth book—released in September, 2010. In a matter of weeks we realized this book was special without much of our own doing. The book touched on an issue common to many adults and teens alike—identity. I blended my story overcoming self-injury with the reader’s journey of discovering who they were created to be.

My friend Gabe created an interactive website that combined free tools with support from our growing community. My friend Josh produced a beautiful book trailer, and we began getting emails from people of various backgrounds and struggles. They told us about their newfound freedom and how they discovered a connection with their Creator, their community, and their core.

Stories of victory over suicidal thoughts, depression, prostitution, workaholism, anorexia, and low self-esteem poured in. We continued sharing the message as best we could, but we’d clearly reached our capacity. Back then my day job brought its own set of challenges and commitments. And although I entertained thoughts of jumping into my dream job full-time, book sales alone didn’t come close to paying the bills.

Then it happened. I received an email from Desiree Arney, a stranger in New Jersey touched by the message. Long story short, after a couple chats David and I asked her to join our “team.”

The word team was a bit presumptuous. Although we wanted...