The city is a nest (Moorgate)

Aug 08, 2016, 04:36 PM

Reimagined by Ben Mawson.

"Between composing in seized moments of freedom from desk-bound or other modes of displacement, I walk the city’s paths and find ways between its intricate boundaries and lines of order.

I have lived in many cities and countries, but London is where I recognise a city-mother smell, feel an instinctive home-ness, grounded, despite an existence without meaning, without pervasive promise of utopia.

The city is a nest, a hostile, grinding, binding, churning, fermenting nest, where I live and wander, regardlessly seeking meanings, stories and the smells of lives I do not know, passing me by in a moment.

This music tries to find an expression of the dreaming, double-selfed self, the experiencer and the outofbody looker, travelling these harsh and deathly tunnels in lighted, sweating, flesh-compacted cells, deep under the pulsing concrete of London.

It isn’t easy, but there is beauty within."

Part of our project The Next Station, reimagining the sounds of the London Underground and creating the first ever tube sound map. August 2016 - for more information see