Crashing Into Blindness, Racing Into History - Meet Dan parker

Aug 16, 2016, 12:30 PM

Join the Blind abilities Team of Pete Lane and Jeff Thompson as they talk to Dan Parker about his life changing racing accident and how he has set goals to overcome the challenges from losing his eye sight and more than anything, not losing his vision of racing again. Dan is the 2005 World Champion racer who now uses his skills and confidence to re-invent himself as the World’s Fastest Blind Man. Racing is a family tradition and getting back into the shop and building racing components for cars and motorcycles has given him success and accomplishments that he only dreamed about as he recovered from his near death racing accident in 2012. By 2013 he was racing across the Salt Flats and in 2014 he attended the Louisiana Center for the Blind to gain the skills and confidence he knew he needed to enhance his daily life skills and competency in his tech skills. With goals of becoming the World’s Fastest Blind Man and enjoying doing what he has done for years, Dan Parker is inspiring others and racing ahead with goals and dreams he now knows he can achieve. You can reach Dan Parker @Questfor Salt on Twitter and Facebook.You can also find YouTube Videos by searching for Dan Parker.