Skipper's Review - Sarah O'Kelly prepares for her LIVE SHARK DIVE radio show

Aug 18, 2016, 12:12 AM

At some point during the past few weeks, Sarah O'Kelly's producer hatched a plan to get her out ONTO and UNDER the water. So now she's in the middle of preparations for what will be the world's first ever live shark dive radio show. Sarah will be under 30 metres of water - that's about 90 feet - three miles off the coast of Florida, in the company of renowned shark diver, conservationist and film maker Jim Abernethy. You will be able to listen live, from anywhere in the world, by switching on Boat Radio. You’ll be able to WATCH too, because Sarah and Jim will be fitted with cameras. It is going to be JAW-DROPPING, BREATH-TAKING and HEART-STOPPING. Of course, Sarah's going to need special equipment and that’s where today's guest comes in. John Hott works for Ocean Technology Systems – THE world leader in underwater communications gear.

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