#082 - The smartest way to more influence, impact, and income

Aug 22, 2016, 11:16 AM

Too Many Opportunities...That's the Problem

We live in a time and place where opportunities abound...too many actually. Just pick up your smart phone and you'll see endless invitations to:

Play Join Browse Buy Look Promote Engage Comment Post Scroll And a thousand other actions...

Sooner or later though, you're going to have to make a choice. Are you going to be a consumer, critic, cynic, or creator. Our world is an inch deep and a million miles wide. If you want to stand out then you're going to need to separate from the pack and differentiate yourself.

To increase your influence, impact, and income you need to get smarter.

In my 39 years on the planet, after coaching thousands of clients and engaging with hundreds of businesses and business models, I've realized a truth. I believe it's the smartest way to more influence, impact, and income.

Why it Makes Sense to Get SMART

At the end of your life you can look back and see hundreds of half-dug holes. In our illustration these holes represent places where you tried to make an impact.

Most people start digging with the best intentions, but then they stop digging for one reason or another. Fast-forward and then they start digging a brand new hole. As a result, they never take an idea to it's full potential...and quit right before they get to the good stuff.

Thankfully, there is another option.

You can become an outlier. You can take one of these holes and then dig, dig, and dig—mining it for all it's worth. Many times these deep holes connect with other deep holes, becoming synergistic and creating even more influence, impact, and income.

Such was the case with my last 3 books: Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path, and Day Job to Dream Job. I sought out to answer 3 questions:

Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

We completed the SMART model by turning these 3 books into 6-figure businesses.

Getting SMART by writing, publishing, marketing your book the right way is wise for these 5 reasons:

S = Specialization: A book narrows your focus which increases your irreplaceability and value in the marketplace.

M = Magnification: A book acts a magnifying glass to your entire brand.

A = Articulation: The writing process forces you to be clear, concise, and direct.

R = Revitalization: Publishing a book brings new life to your business.

T = Transformation: The writing, publishing and marketing process always transforms the author first.

Here's How to Get SMART

In this episode I teach you all about getting SMART.

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