S2, Episode 7 - Unusual Suspects


August 22, 2016 / A look at the other suspects investigated by the Rome Police Department in connection with the death of Isaac Dawkins.

Episode scoring music by Alex Fitch, AnimalWeapon, Blue Dot Sessions, Chris Zabriskie, Julian Sartorius and Uncanny Valleys.

#undisclosed #justiceforjoey

Aug 22, 2016, 09:56 PM
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lsn1derland - 2 months ago

Really, you overheard some conversation from someone who you don't know talking trash or speculating and this qualifies as police investigation? And I'm sure in rumor mills and people over hearing them, no one ever got two Joeys confused


eigross - 8 months ago

I've been saying this for a while.


tkennemer - 12 months ago

I've had the same problem. I thought maybe it was just my phone. Guess not.


Edrubens - 12 months ago

listening to Audioboom and there are several instances of podcast skipping, causing the listener to miss a few seconds each time. At least once it goes backwards and repeats too.