08/29/16 The Tony D Show Hour 2

Aug 29, 2016, 08:50 PM

Tony begins the second hour talking about Joey Bosa officially signing with the San Diego Chargers then transitions into Trevor Siemian becoming the Denver Broncos’ starting QB. Collin Kaepernick wanted to get a message across so he protested by sitting down during the national anthem, but problem is you’re not hearing his message because in the manner he delivered the message. When people are saying he’s not allowed to do what he did is not what America is about because we can be bothered by it but at the same time should understand that’s what makes America great in that he can do this. Just because Kaepernick has the freedom to do this its not the smart decision because even though you don’t have to stand during the anthem don’t deny peoples right to look at you and say you’re wrong and ignore what you’re doing because you’ve tugged at their emotions. Kevin Nogle from the Miami Dolphins’ “Phinsiders” blog joins the show to talk about the Dolphins’ expectations, what fans can expect out of head coach Adam Gase, how Ryan Tannehill looks, how the offense is around Tannehill in terms of wide receivers and the questions in the run game. Nogle also breaks down the Dolphins’ defense outside of Ndamukong Suh and if there’s optimism in the fan base. Desiere ends the second hour giving his analysis and predicting the Miami Dolphins’ outcome. #JoeyBosa #SanDiegoChargers #ColinKaepernick #MiamiDolphins